22 April 2014
Who we are
22 April 2014
Cima Spa
Founded in 1961, Cima S.p.A. has been operating for over fifty years in the areas of medium-heavy carpentry and semi-calendared equipment, and its production now covers a vast area of 27,500 square meters, 12,500 of which are indoor.
Thanks to a solid organization, a workforce of 70 employees, continuous investment in technologies and a strong focus on innovation, the company stands as a landmark in the creation and regeneration of medium-large manufactured goods.

Cima S.p.A. is specialized in the following business fields:

Medium-heavy carpentry
Cima S.p.A. stands for a strong manufacturing flexibility, both because it has acquired an in-depth know-how in time, as well as design competencies, and because it avails itself of facilities, that allow to customize the customers’ needs.
Its customers mainly belong to cement industry, but also to automotive, food, chemistry, oil & gas, energy industry and others.

Calendaring and Prefabrication
Cima S.p.A. is specialized in the production of manufactured goods obtained by calendared and welded metal sheets for a wide variety of sectors, including the petrochemical, offshore, energy, oil & gas, naval sectors, as well as others, and is characterized by a high flexibility in being able to implement special pieces, according to any customer specification.

Special Fittings
Cima S.p.A. is able to implement any kind of fitting obtained by calendared and welded metal sheets, providing the relative certification, in accordance with the highest reference regulations.

Cima S.p.A. is also establishing itself in the trading of components, such as fittings, flanges, rods, commercial tubes intended for the oil & gas, petrochemical, offshore and energy sectors, offering a complete service, and availing itself of carefully selected suppliers, always oriented in satisfying customer requirements.

Metax is part of Cima S.p.A: it is its technological division, highly specialized in the design and construction of high-pressure pumps for jet grouting applications, for the pumping of drilling muds and the transfer of liquids in general. In addition, Metax designs and produces a broad range of products for specialized civil engineering and for geotechnical applications, such as machinery for mixing plants, mixer, mixture store tanks, injection pumps series and compact plants (mixing plant + injection plant).

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