17 September 2013
Costa Concordia back in its "vertical position", also involving a company from Piacenza
17 September 2013
Costa Concordia back in its "vertical position", also involving a company from Piacenza | Source: Di Rvongher - Opera propria, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=34155581
The Head of the Civil Protection announced that the par buckling operation has come to an end.
A company of Piacenza took part in the project: Cima S.p.A., which was involved by the American company, “Titan Salvage”, which, together with the company Micoperi from Ravenna dealt with the removal of Costa Concordia. The huge wreck, which weighs more than 114 thousand tons, is aground only a few hundred meters from the shores of the Giglio Island.
Cima S.p.A. - along with other Italian oil-producing platform companies, and which thus provided with assembly basins on the piers - was involved in the construction of carpentry structures, each weighting 3 thousand tons, that were laid on the seabed near the ship, stranded since January 2012, following Commander Francesco Schettino’s maneuver, which took the lives at 32 people.
Cima S.p.A., is involved in the project (which will cost over $ 300 million in total) with two specific missions: the supply of pumps with high technological content, which served to "inject" cement deep inside the rocks, and tubular components for the construction of mega-structures that have allowed the lifting of the ship. The problem was the implementation of these components with very little time, as explained Ettore Dordoni, Chairman of Cima S.p.A., because the almost 300 meter long Costa Concordia, , will have to be completely removed by next spring.
And afterwards? What will happen to the cruise ship that cost millions of Dollars? Can it be recovered? Absolutely not: The $ 300 million will be used to remove the wreck, which will later be scrapped and destroyed.

Abstract of the article published in “Piacenza 24”, on September 17, 2013