Calendaring and Prefabrication
Cima S.p.A has a strong manufacturing flexibility, made possible thanks to its innovative machineries. The calendared and welded artifacts reach a maximum thickness of 110 mm and a maximum length of 3100 mm, but even greater thicknesses can be obtained, while decreasing the length of the calendared piece.

The company is equipped with welders and welding certificates, that allow the execution of a wide range of processes (TIG welding electrodes, solid and flux cored wires and submerged arc welding) and the use different types of materials, such as standard and low-temperature carbon steels, steels for boiler and pressure vessel, steels for oil and gas pipelines, stainless steels, nickel alloys, clad metal sheets and dissimilar materials.

A further strong point of the company is its wide-ranged machining department, equipped with CNC and conventional machine tools, which allows the creation of pieces with design finishings and bevels of various shapes and inclinations.

The lathing capacity reaches diameters of 5000 mm and lengths of 8200 mm, thanks to the investments the company has made in specific machinery.

Cima S.p.A manufactures components both for systems for third parties – such as pressure vessels, cylindrical boilers, Venturi tubes, joints for electrical insulation, heat exchangers, launch and reception traps – and also designs its own ones, which, in this case, are mainly for the following areas: offshore, petrochemical, energy, oil & gas, shipbuilding and more.